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JPS Interoperability Solutions Press Release posts can be viewed below:

Todd Dixon Promoted to President of JPS Interoperability Solutions

Todd Dixon Promoted to President

JPS Interoperability Solutions has promoted Todd Dixon from chief operating officer (COO) to president.  Don Scott, prior president and one of the founders of JPS Communications, will retain his position as CEO.

Dixon served the former JPS Communications as chief financial officer (CFO) from 2005 to 2009, and he rejoined JPS Interoperability Solutions as CFO upon its reopening in 2016 and became COO in 2017.

“Mr. Dixon is eminently qualified to lead JPS on a day-to-day basis and has long been moving towards that role,” Scott said.  “His promotion will increase my time to focus on our future — our technology road map and continuing to grow our sales/distribution channel.”

JPS Interoperability Solutions Names Carroll Hollingsworth as Director of Representative and Dealer Network

JPS hires Carroll Hollingsworth as Director of Representative and Dealer Network

JPS Interoperability Solutions is pleased to announce the recent hire of Carroll Hollingsworth, who joins the team as the director of representative and dealer network. In his new position, Hollingsworth will direct JPS Interoperability Solutions’ external sales channels. His responsibilities will include managing the day-to-day operations of the representative and dealer network, educating the sales team on new products and supporting customer acquisition initiatives.

Prior to joining JPS, Hollingsworth served as a communications technician in the United States Navy. Following his service, he launched his land mobile radio career where he was employed as a two-way radio dealer and later as the national sales manager for International Crystal. Most recently, Hollingsworth cofounded DH Marketing, an independent manufacturer’s representative firm, which represents several leading manufacturers in the wireless communications industry.

“Carroll’s extensive knowledge of the land mobile radio industry and manufacturer’s representative space makes him an ideal fit for our organization. With Carroll’s experience, he is poised to make an immediate impact on our business, offering expert oversight of our external sales channels and providing customers with our latest technology offerings,” said Don Scott, president of JPS Interoperability Solutions.

JPS Interoperability Solutions announces new IP backhaul capability for their SNV-12 voter

JPSs SNV-12 IP Picture

JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in analog receiver voting, announces an upgrade to its SNV-12 voter that handles the synchronization of audio arriving from various locations. Now, customers can transport voting receiver audio via their IP networks without concern for the time it takes data to reach its destination.

“Analog voting, and the SNV-12 itself, started before the invention of IP, not to mention before IP networks became ubiquitous as the most prevalent and inexpensive way to move data from one location to another,” said Roman Kaluta, JPS’ Director of Interoperability Solutions. “Following customer requests, we set out to make a voting system that included IP backhaul, thereby improving both cost and convenience.”

This new capability functions as an add-on to existing SNV-12 installations. Customers can employ a mix of analog transport and IP transport in the same SNV-12 chassis.

“JPS is committed to providing our customers with fast and effective product development,” said Don Scott, president of JPS Interoperability Solutions. “We are prioritizing our R&D to what can help our customers most – whether in cost savings or technological advances, both of which are demonstrated here.”

SNV-12 IP Backhaul

JPS Interoperability Solutions announces JPS VIA, a secure PTT over cellular functionality for its radio gateway users

JPS VIA Contacts Picture

JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in communications interoperability, announces the integration of Enterprise Secure Chat (ESChat) with its ACU technology. The combined solution, named JPS VIA, delivers secure voice and data links between mobile devices and JPS gateways. Using the solution, system operators and the individual users of the gateways’ various communications systems can now also communicate via Smartphones and tablets.

JPS VIA is offered as a hosted service running on commercial 3G/LTE/WiFi networks. Customers simply purchase the service through JPS, download the application to their Smartphones from the JPS Android or Apple App Store, and are charged a monthly service fee per mobile device used. This solution is an inexpensive option for customers seeking to extend their radio communications capability with lower cost cellular devices, regardless of carrier.

ESChat has also recently added the proprietary JPS RoIP protocol into their platform to allow ESChat servers to communicate directly with new and existing JPS interoperability equipment. The addition of JPS’s RoIP will allow the many ESChat-enabled products currently offered to directly connect with JPS gateways and use JPS NXU radio interface units – both for new deployments or with the large installed base of JPS products.

“We’re very excited about offering this capability to our ACU customers,” said Roman Kaluta, JPS’ Director of Interoperability Solutions. “Providing integrated Push-to-Talk over cellular functionality lets our customers inexpensively increase the number of users able to communicate. This means increased situational awareness in times of need.”

Other benefits include the use of ancillary Smartphone talk groups to reduce traffic on vital radio channels during emergency incidents and the extension of communications into areas where radio coverage could be spotty, such as in a parking garage, or to supervisors traveling outside the coverage area.

“We are pleased to be partnered with JPS Interoperability Solutions,” said Josh Lober, President/CEO of ESChat. “JPS is the most successful and distinguished name in LMR interoperability.  The reason is simple – they make superior products. Extending the JPS product line to include Push-to-Talk over cellular continues this trend and provides their existing and new customers access to reliable next generation technology. We look forward to continuing our work with JPS as they expand their product portfolio, which I’m confident will again raise the bar in the interoperability market.”

JPS will also be releasing new features that more tightly integrate JPS VIA with ACU gateways, bringing increased awareness and control to its users on both platforms.

JPS VIA Datasheet

JPS Interoperability Solutions Launches Next Generation ACU gateway

JPS ACU-Z1 Picture

JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in communications interoperability, announces its new ACU-Z1 radio gateway.  The next generation ACU-Z1 gateway maintains the modular nature of the company’s signature ACU product, but boasts a smaller form factor, requires less power, can interface more types of communications systems and is operable from any web browser.

The ACU-Z1 gateway hosts a highly scalable and adaptable audio engine that expands the size, type, and number of interoperability nets that can be created, while also allowing exchange of metadata between various communications formats.

Another key improvement is the increase in processing power and the advanced capabilities this enables for this initial release and for future updates.

“We wanted to make a major statement that research and development is a primary focus at JPS and will continue to be,” said Don Scott, president of JPS Interoperability Solutions. “At the same time, we continue to listen to the needs of our existing customers. This new product line embodies our motto ‘Where Tradition Meets Innovation.’”

“We held tight to what had been successful over the years, did a deep dive into current and future trends in public safety communications and asked our design team to consider the latest technological advancements,” said Roman Kaluta, Director of Interoperability Solutions for JPS. “Most exciting is the new platform’s capacity to add even more new features and capabilities. Stay tuned. Our roadmap is full and includes new products that will work with the ACU-Z1.”

ACU-Z1 Datasheet

JPS Interoperability Solutions announces new RSP-Z2JPS RSP-Z2 Picture

JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in radio interoperability technology, announces its new RSP-Z2. The RSP-Z2 combines the capabilities of the company’s network extension unit (NXU) and analog radio adapter (ARA products). The RSP-Z2 supports SIP, RTP, RoIP, PSTN and radio connections allowing public safety agencies to communicate with a vast array of communication devices using a single interoperable platform.

“In today’s world, public safety agencies require scalable devices that can connect the ever-growing number of radio and phone communications devices available on the market,” said Don Scott, president of JPS Interoperability Solutions.   “These devices need to be able to work independently or in conjunction with a multitude of other devices to guarantee communications in a time of need. We are proud to introduce our latest product that provides a true convergence of local interoperability leveraging IP communications, network control and SIP.”

The RSP-Z2 works on a Linux operating system, includes a smart phone and tablet interface, connects to the company’s wide area interoperability system (WAIS) and supports SIP/ROIP pass-through, radio relays, a SIP/ROIP net with two radios and PSTN to radio communications.

The device is operable in three modes – a stand-alone mode, a remote extension mode and the controller mode. In stand-alone mode, users can monitor and control the remote radios connected by the RSP-Z2. Remote extension mode allows users to monitor and control the assets cabled to the modules and also remote radios brought into the system using the RSP-Z2. Controller mode allows users to connect multiple RSP-Z2s together to form nets regardless of physical location via a web interface.

“Our focus has always been our customers,” said Roman Kaluta, director of Interoperability Solutions for JPS. “The nature of our business is to reject the notion of a “one size fits all” approach. We stand committed to helping our customers achieve a formulation that fits the exact communications needs they have at any given moment.”

RSP-Z2 Datasheet

JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. Signs Agreement to Acquire Key Assets of JPS Communications, Inc.

JPS Facility

JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to purchase and acquire key assets of the former JPS Communications, Inc. This purchase will allow JPS Interoperability Solutions to continue to manufacture and develop the market leading ACU interoperability gateways and SNV-12 receiver voters.

“Our products have proven vital in maintaining robust public safety, military, federal and private sector communications interoperability during day-to-day operations, natural disasters and special events for the many agencies using them around the world,” said Don Scott, president of JPS Interoperability Solutions and one of the three founders of the former JPS Communications. “To us, this agreement is not just good business but a commitment and necessary solution to ensure our established product lines will continue to be offered and supported.”

The company’s ability to merge land-mobile-radio (LMR) and IP provides increased situational awareness, command and control and expanded regional and wide area coverage. These capabilities are especially necessary for multiple jurisdictional response in an era of terrorist threats.

JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. is comprised of many former JPS Communications, Inc. employees. Agreements are currently being signed with the vast majority of its former dealers, distributors and representatives who strongly desire to continue to support the JPS product lines.

“Our focus goes beyond simply continuing our established products,” added Scott. “We will continue to expand on our research and development efforts as we work to maintain our position as the powerhouse that brought JPS to prominence. We’ll also remain committed to our customers, ensuring that any new products developed will be compatible with the JPS products already in the field.”


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