SNV-12 Signal and Noise Voter

The SNV-12 uses Digital Signal Processors to continuously monitor multiple remote receiver sites and select the receiver with the best signal quality. A typical application is an LMR system in which mobiles and portables can hear a repeater, but due to their lower transmit power, the repeater can’t hear them.

Remote receivers can be positioned in the communications dead spots, with audio from each receiver linked to the SNV-12 voter. It will select the best quality signal from all unsquelched remote receivers and forward this signal to the repeater for rebroadcast and/or monitor by a dispatcher, thus providing greater talk back range for the field radios.

The PTG-10 pilot tone generator is available for use with receivers that lack pilot tone capability.

Additional Information:

SNV-12 Datasheet

SNV-12 IP Backhaul Datasheet – Available Fall 2017

SNV-12 Manual

SNV12 Hardware Quick Start Guide 

SNV-12 Quick Start Guide

PTG-10 Manual

PTG-10 Datasheet

Application Note:

Use of Voter Comparators to Improve Railroad Radio Communications

Case Study:

Receiver Voting Restores Talk-In Coverage LOST to Narrowbanding