ACU-1000 –¬†Intelligent Audio Communication Gateway

Modular interoperability system employing proven JPS DSP Technology and Radio over IP (RoIP) technologies

Offers unsurpassed local and wide area interoperability by directly connecting or networking UHF, VHF, 700/800, HF, P25, military radios, iDEN and PTT devices, Cellular and Land line telephone endpoints

With a growing focus on protecting our citizens and infrastructure, a coordinated command and control response has become a top priority for governments around the world.  From homeland security to local public safety, from mission critical military applications to the latest commercial requirement, the ACU-1000 offers a robust and proven interoperability solution for incident command management.

Includes VoIP/RoIP technology to provide a means for regional, state, multi-state, and nation-wide interoperability over TCP/IP network links

Provides three different methods of operation for system redundancy and is neither computer nor network dependent for its operation

ACU-1000 Datasheet