JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in analog receiver voting, announces an upgrade to its SNV-12 voter that handles the synchronization of audio arriving from various locations. Now, customers can transport voting receiver audio via their IP networks without concern for the time it takes data to reach its destination.

“Analog voting, and the SNV-12 itself, started before the invention of IP, not to mention before IP networks became ubiquitous as the most prevalent and inexpensive way to move data from one location to another,” said Roman Kaluta, JPS’ Director of Interoperability Solutions. “Following customer requests, we set out to make a voting system that included IP backhaul, thereby improving both cost and convenience.”

This new capability functions as an add-on to existing SNV-12 installations. Customers can employ a mix of analog transport and IP transport in the same SNV-12 chassis.

“JPS is committed to providing our customers with fast and effective product development,” said Don Scott, president of JPS Interoperability Solutions. “We are prioritizing our R&D to what can help our customers most – whether in cost savings or technological advances, both of which are demonstrated here.”