Download the latest set of firmware for each of JPS’ products below:









To request firmware for equipment not shown above or for any questions, please e-mail us at

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Firmware Update Instructions:
  • Click on the applicable link
  • Enter your contact information (name and email)
  • Select the NetBurner tools and any necessary firmware
  • Download the zip file to a directory on your computer
  • Unzip the zip file and unpack the Netburner tools
  • Configure your computer to the same subnet as the unit to be updated
  • Run AutoUpdate.exe
  • Enter the IP address of the unit or click ‘Find’ 
  • Click Browse and select the *.s19 file
  • Check “Reboot when complete”
  • Click Update – the firmware will be loaded into the unit
  • Click OK – the unit will reboot, running the new version
Additional ACU-M Update Instructions: 
  • Wait for the display to return to normal and say “System Ready”
  • Wait a couple seconds more and turn off the ACU-M
  • Turn on the ACU-M
  • If upgrading from a version before 1.07, it will display “Application Updating” and count through a large amount of code
  • Wait for that to complete and the display to return to normal before turning the ACU-M off again
  • If upgrading from version 1.04 or below, you may need to reset the ACU-M to factory defaults through the RESET hole on the back of the unit – this should be done after the update is complete
ARA-1, SCM-1, and SCM-2 Update Instructions: 
  • Configure your computer to the same subnet as the unit to be updated
  • Access the unit via its browser interface
  • Load the .web firmware file from the Administration page of the browser interface
  • See the manual for further details