Customer Support

At JPS Interoperability Solutions, we offer unparalleled customer support.  In addition to our training classes, we provide technical support via phone and email.

Our customer support hotline offers customers of JPS Interoperability Solutions an outstanding level of service.  U.S. and Canadian customers can call (800) 543-2540 for assistance with any technical issues, including installation and operation tips.  The hotline is staffed by experienced JPS systems and customer service engineers knowledgeable in our products and services.  This hotline is available during our regular 8:00 to 5:00 eastern time zone business hours.  The line is forwarded to one of our experienced engineers after normal business hours to assist our customers with any urgent technical situations that can’t wait until the next business day.

Timely assistance with the installation and/or configuration of your JPS equipment, or with any other technical issue, can also be achieved by contacting our support department at